Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inspired by The Last of Sheila

It is no surprise that at the Matinee, there is a distinct weakness for the early 1970s, ergo, The Last of Sheila is in many ways, our stylistic mothership. Indulge in wide legged denim abandon, excessive pairs of sunglasses and yes, you wear a hat today---even if it is an errand to the post office and gas station. Because in our hearts, we are all on a yacht in the Mediterranean, n'est-ce pas?

Take notes and keep score:
If our players could rock the righteous while avoiding death and following arcane clues around the Mediterranean---why can't we?

Looking good on the high seas and keeping your wits about you:
Store your clues where no one else will find them!
You got to have friends...and you got to have platforms

Indiscretions were two peoples' secrets. In a very unlikely pairing...or was it?
Survive floating around the yacht---because even broad daylight is no comfort when a killer is on the loose.
A stylish twist on the incognito game sequence
Hats! And Silver Medallions...
Glam look for cocktail hour (when wasn't on this voyage?) and the gathering of clues. Outfit is a mix of Raquel Welch and Ian McShane---and poised to beguile James Mason.
Style points from...

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