Thursday, April 28, 2011


Movie lovers!

We apologize for the delay in the next assured, the matinee will begin very soon. But here at Sunday Matinee, we know you needs to be stimulated--intellectually, sensually, awesomely.

So a re-discovery (first love at community college Spanish guitar class) the badass of flamenco guitar, Paco de Lucia. Check out this 1976 jam, grab some tapas from the domestic concession stand and hang...because i'll be back with a true cinematic gem.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inspired by A Colt is My Passport

I can't get away from how stunning the shots are---everything in this flick looks gorgeous. Concrete building with barbed wire? Lovely. Dried blood and shattered windows? Oddly picturesque. These two killers? Be still my heart.
BUT, in the interest of internet consumption fantasies, let's get down and dirty with assassin chic---hoping we can be as lovely as Chitose Kobayashi under extreme duress...

Two kimono tops so lovely, i refuse to pick only one:

Geometric ass-whooping (don't worry, he is no lamb):
When you are a yakuza style assasin, there are some necessities:
Because you butch-glam your threads on the lam:

Driving the get-away truck down to the docks:
Taking repose at a trucker's motel used to blood splattered walls and heartbreak:
Accessories for assassins:

Japanese beauty from the 1960s. Used for stills on location? We can hope...

(Because sounds make the mobster)

And keeping solidarity in a post-Tsunami Japan:

Film: A Colt is My Passport (1967) [Takashi Nomura, Dir.]

Koruto wa ore no pasupoto or A Colt is My Passport is this Sunday's matinee, thanks to the treasure trove that is Tucson's Casa Video (Tucson dotes on lovers of film and movie, and two institutions in particular consistently seduce me, Casa Video and the wonderful Loft Cinema---which will surface in future posts). But let's get to this too cool for school yakuza ("organized crime") film!

A Colt is My Passport has been called in homage to U.S. film noir, but this gem has a violent grace and style of its own. Our anti-hero is Shuji Kamimura played by legend Jo Shishido, with his driver and dreamy sidekick Shun (played by Jerry Fujio).
Kamimura is hired by one gang to make a hit on a rival mob boss, and while his graceful, tidy assasination is poetry to watch, the aftermath is a nasty bullet volley...
Early on in the film, the rival gangs team up to take down the assassins, and Kamimura and Shun are on the run. Ending up at a seedy trucker's motel, the Nagasikan, we finally meet the gorgeous Mina, a.k.a. Chitose Kobayashi, who works for the meanest hotel owner this side of the docks.
Mina grew up on a barge, ran away and was involved with the creepy yakuza boss Senzaki. She has seen it all and now survives by delivering nightly moxie to the greasy truckers and securing secret telephones and maritime connections for assassins. And like the installment of Bergen in 11 Harrowhouse, our lady Mina is the get-away driver. (Could this be a theme?) A Colt is My Passport is wicked fun and Kamimura is the kind of killer you want to hang with...

-The ending is brilliant.
That's all I am going to say. But it will blow your socks off.-
Finally! Not only is this film beautiful, but there is a wicked spaghetti western-esque soundtrack by Harumi Ibe...

...with the heartbreaking scene of our dreamy sidekick calming everyone's nerves (and inciting their libido), during his serenade at the hideout.

"There is just one person I want to meet,
When I go to the wharf,
Far off in the night sky---
Even if you became a twinkling star
That you'd wait only for me,
your star is a lonely little star..."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspired by 11 Harrowhouse

Target practice is sleek noire (even in the basement of an old English castle):
Planning a heist with your main squeeze:
Modeled by the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar (in cut-out form, but gorgeous nonetheless)
(quick get-aways are critical in heisting, so are loud, proud 70s colors)
Hoops, shades and attitude, because you drive the cars during the chase:
And the pre-heist wheels
Rooftop acrobatics by moonlight:

(to hide those glittering eyes)
Other accessories:

Bedside reading...

Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History
by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Cam, 2010.

And 11 Harrowhouse snacks---what else but whiskey and chocolate cake? (sans la cucaracha)