Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Transition: Bron, Cleese and Baker's Dr. Who--YOWZA!

Matinees, un petite delicacy until our weekend matinee. Transitioning out of British horror into another delight, our passage is alighted by a trio of your manager's faves: Eleanor Bron, John Cleese and Tom Baker's Dr. Who in a delicious cameo from the "City of Death" episode. If this doesn't make your day brighter, i shall retire:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspired by Theatre of Blood

Set in London of the early 1970s with Diana Rigg at her most irresistible and Vincent Price in some gloriously heinous make-up, Theatre of Blood should inspire all things bloody, bookish and Brit dowdy-cum-sexy.

House lights are dimming, stubs...
Incognito, menacing and alluring in a single glance.
Worth dying---and killing for?
Stage manager to a mad killer requires serious shades and threads.
To seduce the bourgeoisie:
Better you tuck in and get cozy then brave these night streets of Londontown.
Shylock done with style.
Rock some serious plaid to hold back the torture spree.

A duel to the death...over Shakespeare.
Because we all have a theatre in which to strut...
Shakespeare is your guide to this bloodbath and Coco has clocked the library hours so she knows...
...and been the inspiration
Othello, guard ye own Lion's heart!
Aie yie yie, where gluttony leads.
Deadly gorgeous.
A good actor knows when to make their exeunt stage left...but do the critics?
Bring these to work tomorrow.
(use at your discretion to keep those critics sweet)
What do you know of the blood, sweat and toil of a theatrical production? Of the dedication of the men and the women in the noblest profession of them all? How could you know you talentless fools who spew vitriol on the creative efforts of others because you lack the ability to create yourselves!
-Edward Lionheart