Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspired by The Hot Rock

Ha! The Hot Rock just makes me laugh and this poster syncs up why these guys really think they are the shit...but true to every socially-conscious, existential-flirting flick of the 1970s---they are just NOT smooth. Lovable, oui---but skilled? I don't know, but they are truly the schlemiels of heists. Yet they look so damn good messing this caper up, don't they? Let's learn from what they actually do best...
Dortmunder's exasperated chic.
Denim on denim. Don't fight it.
Getaway driver necessities.
For a 'fro like that, treat it right and show it off.
A well-planned--moderately executed?--heist demands precision and preparedness.
Looking good while hiring this motley crew. You are a diplomatic genius as well as a criminal hustler now.
Okay, was not the chopper scene hilarious?

Although this is a U.S. Navy "training" video, WATCH.
The narrator is totally cuckoo and says stuff like,
"No matter how many times you see one of these babies, you can't believe they can fly!" "Hovering? 3,000 pounds just hanging there?"
"Flying backwards? Only humming birds and bumble bees do that!"
It inspires much confidence.

Smooth threads. Because your heist is going anything but smooth...
NYC, 1970s. When the heist guys get hustled during their own stakeout and make a profit selling locks in their hood.
Winning the Hot Rock itself...and showing off.

And let's not forget, the maestro of smooth gave us the soundtrack.
Quincy mother-friggin' Jones.

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